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Have you detected peculiar sounds coming from your car brakes or noticed a lack of response?

The indications of requiring new brake pads or replacements are usually quite apparent. If you hear a crunching and grinding sound when halting your car, it indicates that your brake pads are wearing and may need replacement. Additionally, if your car leans to one side when you press the pedal, it signifies that one of your pads may require attention.

Regardless of the issue, bring your car to our specialist team at Tancock Motors MOT and Service Centre Swansea, where we will ensure that your car is given proper care and restored to a safe condition.

Similar to experiencing brake issues, recognising the need for a clutch replacement is usually straightforward. You may experience a loss of power or find it challenging to switch gears. Additionally, you might detect a burning odour when pressing down on the clutch.

At Tancock Motors, we not only provide MOT services but also specialise in brake and clutch replacement, with our highly trained mechanics offering an affordable, trustworthy, and reliable service.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Tancock Motors by phone at 01792 461 449 or via email at

Reasons to choose Tancock Motors Swansea for your brake or clutch repairs

  • Testing brake safety
  • Replacing and repairing brakes
  • Replacing and repairing clutches
  • Services available for all car and light commercial vehicle models
  • Experienced mechanics with over 50 years of expertise
  • Swift and effective service
  • Competitive prices
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