Steering and Suspension Swansea

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At Tancock Motors MOT and Service Centre, we offer expert assistance to maintain your car’s steering and suspension for optimal performance.

Do you require a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s suspension or encountering issues with its steering? Ensuring the full functionality of your suspension and steering is crucial for your vehicle’s safety. If you notice any instability in your steering or erratic movement on the road, seeking immediate attention or our expert guidance is imperative. Tancock Motors is dedicated to assisting you in getting your vehicle back on the road securely and affordably.

Tancock Motors is fully equipped to address any steering or suspension issues in your car or light commercial vehicle, encompassing the latest laser 4-wheel alignment technology. This enables us to align your vehicle’s tracking precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications.

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tancock Motors via phone at 01792 461 449 or email at

Why use Tancock Motors Swansea for your steering and suspension repairs?

  • Steering system repairs for vehicles
  • Suspension system repairs for vehicles
  • Comprehensive service for all car and light commercial vehicle brands and models
  • Precise laser wheel alignment
  • Swift and effective maintenance
  • Installation and servicing performed by skilled mechanics
  • Cost-effective pricing
Need assistance with steering or suspension issues?