Car Air Conditioning Swansea

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Tancock Motors MOT and Service Centre specialises in car air conditioning, offering re-gassing and repairs with over 18 years of experience in this field.

Your car’s air conditioning is a valuable asset, keeping you cool in hot summer weather and ensuring clear windows during winter. Visit Tancock Motors MOT and Service Centre in Swansea for a thorough inspection of your car’s air conditioning system by our highly trained technicians, who will efficiently restore your air con to optimal performance.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tancock Motors via phone at 01792 461 449 or by email at

Top choice for your car air conditioning: Tancock Motors Swansea

  • Re-gassing solutions
  • Comprehensive assessment of the air conditioning unit
  • Skilled technicians with a 15-year track record
  • Extensive coverage for all car and light commercial vehicle brands
  • Prompt and effective service
  • Cost-effective pricing
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